Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

NROTC Application Form

BEFORE YOU APPLY: This is NOT a scholarship application, it is a unit participation application. You shall read the Frequently Asked Questions portion of this website and www.nrotc.navy.mil in its entirety. Students who use this web application fall into two groups: 1) Those who have officially received a four year national scholarship and were officially assigned to the ERAU NROTC unit as documented in your selection letter (This does NOT include those on the wait-list. If you are on the wait-list, you fall into the second category below until/unless you are officially assigned to the ERAU NROTC unit). 2) Those who intend to apply for a spot in the College Program (non-scholarship) as a full time ERAU student at the Daytona Beach campus in the fall of the next academic year, have six semesters remaining in college from the semester in which they apply, and meet the basic eligibility requirements available at www.nrotc.navy.mil. When you provide the requested information, you will receive an e-mail that grants access to our unit application web portal. Required application documents, instructions, and schedules will become available when we open the process on 1 May 2020. You SHALL periodically check the portal and the "Announcements" section at the top of the "Application Documents" download page for important updates regarding the official report date, muster time, muster location, and items to bring.
I certify that either 1) I am a Four Year National Scholarship recipient assigned to Embry-Riddle, OR 2) I am (or will be) a full-time ERAU student attending class at the Daytona Beach campus this upcoming fall semester, I have six semesters or more remaining in college from my semester of entry to ERAU NROTC, and I meet the NROTC basic eligibility requirements listed on www.nrotc.navy.mil. I understand that this is an ERAU NROTC unit participation application, NOT an application for a Four Year National Scholarship or any other scholarship.